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Financial Solutions by Devoe Technologies, LLC


Financial planning these days is a must. If you are wondering if your budget can handle the payments to buy a house or a car, or how much money you would need to save every month to prepare for your childs college cost, and many other financial questions, then Financial Solutions is the application for you. Financial Solutions is a Time Value of Money program with the most commonly used equations for financial calculations.


The application has 11 Equations:

  • Future Value of an Investment
  • Future Value of Deposits
  • Regular Deposits
  • Regular Withdrawals
  • Initial Investment
  • Minimum Investment
  • Regular Payment on a Loan
  • Principal on a Loan
  • Term of a Loan
  • Nominal Interest Rate
  • Effective Interest Rate

If you wanted to determine your monthly payment for a car costing $12,000.00, you would use the Regular Payment Equation.
Entering the data:

  • Principle: 19,000.00 (cost of the car)
  • Interest Rate: 5%
  • Payments per year: 12
  • Number of years: 5


Payment: $358.55

You and your wife are expecting and you want to set up a budget to determine how much money you would need to save every month over the next 18 years to yield $60,000.00 for your child’s education. Using the Regular Deposits Equation you enter:

  • Future Value: $60,000.00 (assume cost in 18 years)
  • Nominal Interest Rate: 1.5%
  • Deposits Per Year: 12
  • Number of Years: 18


Deposits: 242.13

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