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Has this ever happened to you?


You are out with friends and you look amazing your friend look incredible and someone takes pictures. Now what will it take to get a copy of that pictures. You say to your friend, “I love that picture, please send me a copy”. They agree, a week later no picture, you remind your friend about the pictures, and they report, their phone was stolen. Now you will never have that picture.


What can you do right?


Smiletyme allows users to share photos instantly with their friends without having to wait for them to send via text or upload to social media. Connect your phones quickly and easily and simultaneously take and receive pictures. This app also allows users to edit their images using a variety of filters and adjustments. Now, no one will ever have to complain about lost or forgotten photo’s. All we can say is you’re welcome!

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What Our Clients Say About Our Apps



Love this new app! It’s an easy way to share pics among friends in real time and eliminates the hassle of sending pics thru messaging, etc. And love smiley!


- Impressive app

I’ve been looking for an easy way to share photos with my friends for a while now. I think this app does a great job of doing this. I also like the user interface.


- Amazing photo sharing app!

This app is so easy to use and the most convenient photo sharing app ever! The user interface is nice and clean and I really like the apps features. I never have to bug my friends for photos or waste time uploading to social media. I can’t believe how fast I can finally receive photos from all my friends. It’s about time an app like this has come out! Thanks Smiletyme!!! 🙂

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